Concealed Carry Information


We frequently recieve calls from citizens on how to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. This page contains information from several sources that will help answer those questions:


Missouri Statute Dealing with Concealed Carry Permits (RSMO 571.101)

Missouri Attorney General's Office Page on State Reciprocity

NRA Institute of Legal Action Gun Laws Page (transport and reciprocity information)

MO State Highway Patrol brochure on MO Concealed Carry Information


If you are interested in taking a concealed carry class, we have several instructors in our area:

Marty Williams - (573) 683-1962 -

David McDermott - MO Concealed Carry - (573) 258-2028 -

Ron Merideth - SEMO Tactical - (573) 380-1928 -

Tom Beardslee - Beardslee Training Site - (573) 545-4463 -

Kevin Glaser - (573) 380-8142

The Charleston DPS encourages all responsible gun owners to JOIN THE NRA