News Media,

     An attempt by an officer to stop a vehicle Saturday night led to a pursuit. At about 10:30pm on March 7th,  an officer attempted to stop a vehicle on South Elm Street, the driver failed to stop and sped away.  The driver fled out of town traveling south on Hwy 105, at times driving in excess of 100 mph.  The driver eventually entered the City Limits of East Prairie and was taken into custody on Wilbur Street.  The driver was identified as:

Harold Matheney, 36 of East Prairie MO

 Matheney was placed in the Mississippi County Jail. He is currently being held on a charge of resisting arrest with a $25,000 cash only bond.  Additional traffic related charges are expected as a result of the pursuit. 


Photo of Matheney is attached




AUTHORITY: Robert Hearnes